About Me

Statistics suggest that the About Me page in any blog is one of the most popular pages. Guess it makes senses, readers would like to know more about who this blogger is. So here I try and give you a picture of Me. πŸ™‚


Digital marketeer. Entered the industry in 2008 when it was just starting out in India. Since then have enjoyed being part of this industry.


dream city Mumbai – no I don’t find it particularly dreamy but the posh Sobo local does sometimes seem surreal


this is at the core of everything I do. So you will find a lot of times I write some unusual stuff like things got tough while traveling so I started chanting. Easy. πŸ™‚

How it all started:

My foray into travel started in 2009 when I knew I had to get out!! I went off on a meagerly planned 15 day solo trip, Mumbai – Goa – Bangalore – Mysore – Coimbatore (yoga centre). At this time I didn’t know if solo Β travel was safe at all. I took overnight volvos and stayed in a hostel. But somehow in my heart I thought this was possible. I had read travelogues of foreigner solo women traveling India without knowing our language too, so surely this was fine. Anyway it all turned out wonderful. Have been solo traveling since.

Where do I travel:

Due to my yoga centre in Coimbatore, I have mostly travelled in South India. But since 2013 I have stopped going there. So south Indian trips reduced and sonce then I have explored North India, Europe, Australia.


My trips to Europe & Australia are quite Mad compared to India trips. But you need to understand that in India I am constantly testing limits of safety, because I don’t know what is safe, what is not. Comparatively even solo camping in a random European/Australian town feels safer. Having said that I feel that safety is a risk we all take – a mundane commuting routine in India has so many risks from traffic to sexual violence but people live in a false sense of security because it is ‘routine’, known… But so many unfortunate events keep happening. So a lot of things I do may seem daring but I consider them safer.

And over time I feel the safest bet in life is to live as awesomely as possible! πŸ™‚


priyankawriting(@)gmail.com or Twitter: @priyankawriting