Places to Meditate in Salem, Tamil Nadu

Oothumalai, Salem, Tamil Nadu

Places to MEDITATE. This is my favourite activity (or rather no-activity ? 😉 ). Go somewhere awesome and sit and meditate or cycle. Kind of the same. Haha. And one podcast I heard from Swami Tyagananda of Ramakrishna Chapter in Boston, said that spiritual seekers notice a sense of familiarity when they do their practices in a new place. And I have been thinking that my daily yoga and meditation practices in every new place I go to, adds to the experience of the place for me.

This Salem trip was very interesting and one of the first such trips where I met a fellow, senior seeker, chatted about spirituality and he showed me around some great places to meditate. And we meditated a while.

Happy life.

So if you are around Salem and wondering what to see, head to one of these places and meditate a while.

Mayamma Samadhi

Here lies the samadhi of Mayamma 🙂 It is a lovely, quiet place and many records suggest a very powerful space too. Meditate or just sit there in silence. I wanted to see the person who takes care of the place but he was nowhere around.

For directions just search, Mayamma Samathi, Salem.

Address: Mayamma Temple, Shanthi Nagar Road, Chinnakollapatty, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636008, India ; Phone: +91 94438 90222

Oothumalai Hill

This was also a rich experience just from the travel perspective. This hill provides a stunning view of Salem city.
salem, tamil nadu in vikram samvat 2073
Salem, a town 100 kms from Tiruvannamalai.
And to meditate, there are ancient Kala Bhairava, Subramaniam and other temples. There is also a cave where Agastya Muni himself may have meditated. Apart from these places there are many sit outs, benches and temple courtyards where one can meditate or have a quiet, thoughtful time.
The temples and cave are closed during the afternoon times. Also, it is possible that on holidays, the hill is crowded with local people coming for leisure.
Oothumalai, Salem, Tamil Nadu
The hill itself looks quite amazing. Would be great I think to climb up a bit away from all these man-made constructions and then meditate there.. 🙂

Linga Bhairavi Shrine

I haven’t been here but I have been to many other Linga Bhairavi shrines and they are generally very well maintained and lovely place to meditate. So I can totally recommend that you go here.

Ramakrishna Math

Again haven’t been here, but these Ramakrishna Math’s tend to be a good place to meditate too. I have visited the one in Chennai and Kanyakumari. Both nice places. It is also interesting to read books or listen to discourses from this organization. Their monks have done noteworthy work in terms of translating old texts, writing books and such. I have been delving into the spiritual material in the country for a while and I have only respect for this organization, though we do differ on certain matters.

So all in all this trip to Salem was really awesome. And I wouldn’t have imagined that this town with a predominant industrial image is so rich in its spiritual roots. 🙂

There are I suspect a lot more places around and in Salem that are worth exploring and meditating in… but this is all from me now.