13 Black And White Photos Of European Cities

I recently have a new found love – Black and White photos! It started with an impromptu black and white Taiwan Street Photography series. And couple of weeks back I started a series on European cities on Instagram. The idea was to create vintage type shots of a common city scene. Not particularly landmarks or sight seeing spots but just common, day to day scenes of the city in black and white. I really enjoyed this series. Let me know what you think.

And for you blog readers I am putting in one exclusive photo in this post, which is not on instagram. Yay! 😀

A random street of Buda hill, Budapest in the (late) Summer of 2015. #blackandwhite

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Near Geneva shores of Lake Geneva. September, 2015. Part of my ongoing #blackandwhite series of European cities.

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Black and White Photos - Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Victoria (horse cart rides) available outside the Brandenburg gate, Berlin on an overcast day. August 2015.

Do you love black and white photos too?

  • Beautiful….

  • Jatin Doshi

    Wow ! Beautiful pics! Feels like time travel back to the 1970’s!

    • Ya I know. It is such a cool effect. 🙂
      New found love for black and white….