Taiwan Street Photography [Black and White]

I put up a blog with some Taiwan street photographs in coloured version earlier. While working with them I realised that some of those pictures look amazing in black and white. So I did a black and white series on Instagram. Somehow a lot of the street photographs I find online seem to look way better in black and white. Why is this I wonder? Or have I gotten *ahem* old and wise? Like with wine – old is vintage. 😀

So here are the Taiwan Street Photographs in Black and White I shared on Instagram. Enjoy!

Cycle vendor cart in Taipei selling traditional Chinese foods. Found it so quaint.

Kite flying in Anping.
The bright orange Octopus kite took up too much attention in the coloured version of the photo, the real focus should be on that chair and drink glass to the side. Someone is just chilling in their own chair on the street. So much chilled out coolness.

Sitting by on a rainy day.
Random street pic in Taipei.

Strolled into a marketplace… Wondered if it would be a meat fest but nope, it is a leaf fest 😀

At the Raohe night market, had a delicious glass of Cranberry juice.

Strolling around Taipei, temples are a common sight.

Woke up one morning to the sound of drums. A procession for the nearby temple passing right outside our hotel. These cultural touches make an Indian feel at home in Taiwan. 🙂

Taiwan Street Photography Black and White
It was a long procession with quite a few people, firecrackers and some musical fanfare
Taiwan Street Photography Black and White
A lot of national flags to be seen everywhere in Taiwan. The flag of any country flying high always evokes a mix bunch of emotions. Of boundaries, pride, culture, human groups and separations. Black and White.


Taiwan Street Photography - Black and White
Out in the countryside, a small town road!


So that’s all with the bnw pics.
Which version do you prefer – black n white or the coloured ones?

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