Kalaghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai

A few pictures from the Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2017 & a quick note on how to best experience it. These are overall my thoughts about how this festival can be experienced. If you want to go there to take your photographs with the installations then I suggest you do that along with other more immersive ways of experiencing this.

How To Best Experience The Kalaghoda Arts Festival

Check the schedule online. There is a whole gamut of events from movies, plays, music programs, workshops, talks and so on. A lot of them are completely free. So look at which of these events interest you and go for them. When you visit to attend the event, at the same time you can keep some extra time and look at the art installations and visit the myriad stalls too.

Art Installations:

Try to immerse yourself in the art installations by reading what they depict. Participate in the interactive ones. They are not always great, but it is still interesting to see them. The groups behind some of those installations can be interesting too.

When To Visit The Kalaghoda Arts Festival:

It would depend on the events that interest you, but try to choose a time when the crowds would be less. This would make the experience a lot more enjoyable. Non-peak hours would be afternoon and morning time. Weekdays better than Weekends. Beware if you plan for a Sunday evening or such peak hour – it can be really, really crowded.

The event is scattered in an area of a few kilometres around Kala Ghoda – so if you have time, walk around the area and enjoy this heritage district of South Mumbai. There are also heritage walks as part of the festival activity – these I have heard to be really good.

Now for some pictures,

A permanent Kala Ghoda (dark horse) statue has been put up at the square… the previous statue which owes the area its name, was moved to the Baudaji Lad museum for some reason.

Kalaghoda Arts Festival
Lot of Kala Ghoda (Dark Horse) themed installations this time

Lot of people enjoyed this adult sized rocking horse

Kalaghoda Arts Festival
In a different theme, a handloom installation
Kalaghoda Arts Festival
The Indian Cow installation…
Kalaghoda Arts Festival
A world map made from junk with lights. Interactive installation from Dharavi Diary non-profit. Humans have littered and caused a lot of pollution – was the message.


Kalaghoda Arts Festival
Ad installation for Bajaj lights. Made well though, people loved walking through this light tunnel. Here you can see my mom and cousin.

Kalaghoda Arts Festival lane
The Kalaghoda lane…
Kalaghoda Arts Festival
Flying installations on the trees…. no idea what it signified. 🙂
Kalaghoda Art Festival
travel blogger Shrinidhi was visiting Mumbai then. So went to see more of the festival with him. Started with a cooling coconut water drink 🙂


What has been your experience of the Kalaghoda Arts Festival?