Kumbh Mela: Ujjain Simhasth, May 2016, Photos

Quick trip to Ujjain for the Simhasth Kumbh Mela happened in early May. I had traveled to Nashik for my first Kumbh Mela experience in 2015 and I deliberately went on the non-Shahi snan days. I was concerned about the crowds and overall facilities.

This time for Ujjain I went impromptu on the 7-8th May weekend. I left on Friday 6th May by an overnight Volvo – a company called Ashok travels. Surprisingly it actually started on time and was quite decent. I reached Ujjain the next day, before noon. 

Monday – 9th May was the Akshaya Tritiya shahi snan, so I had two days to explore the place before the huge numbers of devotees arrive. This time I was hardly worried about the facilities. The government and the overall ambiance of the event earlier in Nashik kept me relaxed because there are people looking towards my well being around. Ujjain was the same. So much coordination. Everywhere some officials, some non-profit, some social venture going on. Chanting, Art, Culture, Religion, Families everywhere!

I stayed at Yoga Kumbh – I got a bed in the female dormitory tent. They had a program ongoing where there were frequent yoga sessions, spiritual discourses and art performances. So all in all a lovely place for me to be there. It was close to the Kshipra ghat too, so often I would just stroll to the ghat and sit by the joyful river.

Vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner was available at the Yog Kumbh. There was also a beautiful Krishna temple where I could meditate and do my yoga. Other groups of people who had come for the discourses were people I could have a random spiritual discussion.

Ujjain Yoga Life Society
Yog Kumbh organized by Ujjain Yoga Life Society

In fact the spiritually inclined friends I made at the event are one highlight of the trip. There were many other experiences and highlights that were too meaningful. Just the sheer number of yogis and sadhus from various paths roaming around created a certain ambiance of spiritual seeking. There was a possibility of meeting someone significant to my spiritual journey there. I could also meet many spiritual leaders in a casual environment if I wished.

There were temples to explore. I didn’t know Ujjain had so many temples… it reminded me of Varanasi. And Varanasi has temples everywhere. Practically of every being ever worshiped in Hinduism maybe – and that is saying a LOT.

It is difficult for me to really articulate my experience in Ujjain. But it was something truly wonderful.

I have put together this photo presentation, do enjoy.
Tip as always: Watch Full Screen. 🙂