13 Photos of Maharashtra Backwaters to Blow your Mind – Parule, Konkan

This year started with a very memorable travel adventure to the backwaters of Maharashtra, a town called Parule. The dearth of information online about this place had already intrigued me. Finally, I felt, I was on my way to discover some truly unknown and offbeat places. The fact that the place turned out to be so WOW, was just added awesomeness!

The quaint charm and scenic beauty totally blew me! I think the best way to tell you is through these amazing pictures taken with my mobile camera…. yea, just a simple, good, mobile camera.

Tip: Watch it Full Screen!

More on this place coming soon… 🙂
  • mahafreed

    You saw a dolphin! So cool!

    • Hey Mahafreed.. 🙂
      Not A dolphin… We were right on top of a whole pack of them. It was brilliant… Every now and then a few would jump out from this side or other… We could also hear their sounds n all ….
      It was very difficult to capture in photo actually. I have a video in which I was able to capture a full jump of a dolphy.