Solo Travel Myths: Nobody to Click your Photos

(Attempt at humour, beware)

One of the funniest reactions from someone when I told them about solo travel,

“Why would you travel solo, there would be no one to click your pictures!!”

Sorry fellow-who-said-this, but when I met a few travel friends we had a really good laugh over it.

But dispelling this myth… are some amazing and highly fulfilling ways to get your photo clicked in the various places you visit solo!

1) The Selfie:

No introduction needed, the hot and happening ‘Selfy’. I don’t particular care to take too many selfies but yea this is one way to take your pictures when solo traveling.

2) Ask a Stranger:

Yea this one may be a little tough 😉 … I mean how do you actually do this? Well, it is really simple… just look around and spot someone who looks tech savvy enough and just hand them your mobile/camera and ask them to click your picture.

A tamil uncle took this picture.... a really good one I say. And it was nice interacting with this tamil group with my broken Tamil....
A tamil uncle took this picture…. a really good one I say. And it was nice interacting with this tamil group with my broken Tamil….

This has an added advantage: the picture is always a surprise. Sometimes this stranger could suck at taking a picture or he may fiddle around with your camera and screw the settings but usually they take pretty good picture. This way, you also exchange few pleasant words with a completely new human being!

3) Don’t Click a Picture:

Yea, this one is the really difficult one. Basically, you just DON’T Click a Picture!! It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. So you want to record the experience? Why does it have to be a photo? Why not sit and write a poem on your visit. Or just make notes to read later. Record your thoughts of the place on an audio unit.

Just saying, why obsessed with recording how the place LOOKS. How about the other experience – how you feel, what you thought, first impressions and so on….

Pushkar Lake Photo
Barely took any pictures at Pushkar… this is just one of three or so images of the town…. Just experiencing.

4) Solo does not always mean Alone:

Very often you find other awesome travelers or solo traveler and so basically you might actually have some one else to click the photo! So Solo does not mean you are always alone everywhere… apart from the many mostly-friendly strangers you may actually have some friends around.

Solo Travel Myths
Just a friend to click this pic… nice fun we had and I love the giraffes anyway 🙂
Friends on the Road
Another german solo traveler I met on the road…
Nandi, Chamundi Hills
German friend mentioned above took this picture of mine with the Nandi of Chamundi Hills in Mysore 🙂