Jaipur – BucketList for Next Visit

Third day at Jaipur and now I will be pushing off to another nearby destination. It has been an interesting 3 days and this city has lots to be explored! I have poignantly realized that my travel style is slow, relaxed and I just like taking my time with things… I spent a few hours each at the Jantar Mantar & Hawa Mahal. Even the Albert Hall I just sat around absorbing the place as I loved the architecture and feel of it. No major agenda but as I am planning for the next stop on this short journey, I decided to jot down a quick bucket-list which I can refer to next time I am here.

Maybe it will also help you the reader in case you are off to Jaipur at some point of time. Without further ado,

1) Galtaji & Sun Temple: I am totally intrigued by these two temples which are supposed to be close to each other. They give me a sense of being offbeat hence maybe more authentic. Also I have always been curious about seeing sun temples as they are so rare. The Galtaji temple also sounds interesting.

2) Temple Walk in the Old City: I went on a exploration walk in Bhuleshwar area in Mumbai which turned out to be chalkful of some very intriguing temples. I am getting a similar feeling of the old city of Jaipur, every little distance there seems to be a temple – some have long lines outside them, some with old architecture, some just small and quaint. Would be worth I think to go see the various temples one day understanding their history and so on…

3) Authentic Cuisine: I should have managed to have some authentic stuff in these three days, but like I said I am a slow explorer. I did have some freshly made kachoris but apart from that hardly tasted any local cuisine. Some lassi-walas here are supposed to be really famous – and no they don’t serve bhaang is what I have been told. There are also some small dhaabas in the old city – maybe they would give tasty fare. More research needs to be done here. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

4) Naharagarh & Amer Forts: Yes I didn’t do either of them. Note to remember: Behind Amer there are some wells – Panna Meera & near Naharagarh there are royal tombs which should be worth a visit.

Are there any other places I should add to this list?

Will blog about what all I did in Jaipur soon! 🙂

@ Jaipur Hawa Mahal
@ Jaipur Hawa Mahal