Chandigarh in Pictures

Chandigarh was the stop over for my trip to the Himachal Pradesh, April 2013. It was a good stop over. India’s planned city does come across as planned. The buildings are shorter with a height limit, the roads are really wide, lots of gardens, sectors that are well defined but confusing for outsiders and a lot of other salient aspects. These set it apart from your usual Indian city that usually resembles a jumble.

The organized sectorial layout is evident from the plane,
Chandigarh in Pictures
Chandigarh in Pictures

So many colorful trees – yellow, purple, orange… wow! First time I saw Spring season!

Chandigarh in Pictures Chandigarh in Pictures

Rock garden which was quite interesting……Chandigarh in Pictures

and also quite claustrophobic at times, so people scared of confined spaces – Don’t go because its a 1 hour walk and there are exits only at the two ends. So in the middle if you want turn back its a damn long walk…… Chandigarh in Pictures

The whole fort like structure was made of odd stuff. Not always rock even socket/plug waste, gunny bags, broken tiles and what not! It was interesting but also a little bewildering…. what was the guy who made it upto?

Loved the adult swings in the ‘courtyard’ of Rock Garden

Chandigarh in Pictures

The rose garden is worth its name! Lovely, varied splashes of color, huge blooms, fragrant air… Chandigarh in Pictures
Chandigarh is the city of gardens, scooch over Bangalore! 🙂