BucketList: 3 Travel Groups I want to Travel with

I have been following these groups for a while now, eyeing their trips. Sadly my schedule hasn’t synced with any of their trips yet. Still this is why we have bucketlists, to list stuff we want to do so here goes,

1. Bisons Ride Hard
The Bullet group of Mumbai. I was very suprisingly pinged by this group on Twitter. Surprising because I don’t ride a bike. I want to ride a bike, that is a different thing and as I keep telling everyone I do have a license to ride a two wheeler but I never have. These folks take pillion riders which I thought was totally cool. No worrying about knowing how to ride a bike or even whether I am cool enough to be a Biker, I can just sit behind one and have the fun. :p

2. Cycling and More
After biking its turn for cycling. Cycling I can do, its probably one of the first things I learned as a kid. Not sure whether I have the stamina for long cycle rides but I love cycling, hands down. I keep ogling at all the rides these people announce and even inquired the rates for couple of them. Sadly never been able to go.. lets see when.

3. India Untravelled
Started by Shivya who is a major solo traveller, I find their trips very interesting. I even signed up for one of the trips, paid the money and everything but sadly caught viral flu just a few days before. Awesome-ly she refunded me my money. Still waiting for when I can finally go with them on some interesting expedition.

So yea, this is me the solo traveler writing about travel groups I would like to go with. 🙂
I am sure there are still more really cool groups that offer intriguing trips in reasonable bucks. Let me know of any that you think are really good!


Miles to go before I sleep...  ;) Somewhere in Kashmir
Miles to go before I sleep… 😉
Somewhere in Kashmir

  • mayankpandey

    well this could well be your list for 2013.. go for it. And in case you are still on for india untravelled.. take spiti – i just did and for sure it is unforgettable

    • Hi Mayank

      I actually went to Himachal Pradesh in April for couple of weeks.. sadly couldn’t extend the trip to include Spiti because of work n other reasons. Will definitely keep an eye out on the Untravelled trips, will join whenever possible. 🙂

      I am sure you must have had a great time.
      Thanks for the comment.