The Fastest Roller Coaster at Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi

PffTTHhhhhhhoooooooooo… and we are off at the fastest speeds of all the roller coasters in the World! This crazy acceleration lasts only for a few seconds but its crazy! I was prepped to scream like crazy but no sound came. It was difficult to understand that it was me being hurtled at such a terrific speed! Only after the speed slowed a bit and there were ups and dips and turns that I found my voice. Ohhhh.. I can till remember the turns – they were so sharp that I thought I was a yoyo being swung around erratically! Next few days while traveling from Dubai to Bahrain and then to Mumbai every time the plane gained speed for lift off I thought I was back in the fastest roller coaster in Ferrari World!

Acceleration: 0-240km/h in 4.9sec, 0 -100km/h in 2sec

More about it on the Ferrari World website!

This roller coaster called Formula Rossa ride was the most memorable from the place!

Picture Flickr Credit: WBUR

Apart from Formula Rossa there are many other rides – simulations, watery, kids zone .. over all it is a good place to spend a day for people who are into Ferrari or Ride/Amusement Parks. One of the rides was a journey through the cars machine – it is actually funny than thrilling. Lot of us sat in it numerous times just for fun! 🙂

Costs start at about 200 AED = 3000 INR.

Premium tickets are worth it because you can cut queues entirely. Since Ferrari World is on outskirts of Abu Dhabi and a few hours from Dubai we didn’t get much time in the park itself as we reached around 1pm and then had to leave by 6pm to get back on time. We stood in a 1 hour queue for Formula Rossa. We wanted to go on it again but hardly had the time! We didn’t get to do quite a few things after spending 200 AED, it may be better to spend 300 AED and take premium tickets!


The food places are pricey but all kinds of foods are available. Different cuisines, Different ambiances! We could get pure vegetarian stuff and they even agreed to make us burgers without any onion n garlic! This burger is one of the best I have had.

Ride Thrill Scale

The rides are scaled according to their thrill from 1 to 3. I found the scale very misleading….The Indian roads would qualify to be a scale 2 roller coaster if these signs were to be believed! 🙂

Good fun! And they have awesome free wi-fi…