The Errant Cow – Travel Animal Stories

While surfing I came across Ailsa’s travel blog, where she has weekly theme posts! This week’s theme is animals. I remembered one incident with an errant cow in Mysore that I thought I can make part of her theme. Its actually quite funny.

Generally domestic animals are afraid of human contact but the cows on the Chamundi Hills in Mysore are so bold. The moment they see visitors eating anything they will try and get it from them! I have seen it happen a number of times! The poor visitor has to run off with the food and still the cow will follow. They will come really close and start eating from the visitors hands or whatever package they maybe holding! They never harm visitors but won’t let them eat alone either! Maybe they are just really friendly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the below picture you can see that the cow has noticed my delicious hot, spicy corn and has come after me. So I ran off behind a scooter!

But the cow was not thwarted! She came around the scooter making me run the other way! All the while I tried to gobble up my corn as soon as possible! The cow would not desist!

Finally I had 3/4 ths of the corn while running around the scooter a few times, I then threw the corn cob in the corner for the cow to have it! While my friend was busy laughing and taking pictures

Funny ๐Ÿ™‚