On the road in Kashmir with old hindi songs – Travel Memories

The thing about traveling is that there are these memories… I don’t know how to describe them! Thinking back on them they seem surreal! One of them is traveling on the Kashmir roads in the car with our Kashmiri driver who had this awesome collection of old hindi songs, many of them I had never heard of. I love these old bollywood classics and these were ones I had not heard yet and quite spell bound by them! I should have listed them sadly, don’t even remember them now!

It was not just this music, a lot of things came together. For Kashmir always there is this store of emotions and thoughts because I have grown knowing its a war torn land with terrorism and violence. Traveling on the road always excites me, I just love the scenery passing by and that too in the laps of the Himalayas is just insane!

We played lots of antakshari and had quite a bit of fun despite the fact that I was sick. I had some fever, cold and all sorts of stuff going on! 😀

For the cold I put some vicks on my nose. Now Jammu is a very dusty place. Its just really really dusty! Everyone’s face was coated with this dust and we were all one shade darker, but because of my vicks the dust stuck fiercely to my noise making a black cloud around my nose. It was quite gross but so interesting as a new experience. I used soap to remove it and look presentable!! 😀

Something about these travel memories make them unique and precious. There is a lighter, a free quality to them….