Where the laundry guy disappears – Crazy Travel Tales

This trip of mine to Cbe-Mysore-Shravanbelagola-Bangalore was filled with some crazy encounters! One of the prominent ones being my laundry clothes debacle.

Well it started with me,

I was rushing off somewhere on Saturday morning and needed to drop off some clothes at a laundry. The big ones at that time were all closed so I spied this small place and decided to give it there. I have given to such places before and its fine. I clearly told him to return it by Monday afternoon cause I was leaving later.

On Monday I went to the place and the person refused taking any clothes from me, I told him I had given it to one person outside and he claimed there was another laundry nearby and thats where I must have given. I was quite angry so a good friend of mine even spoke to him in Kannada but the guy didn’t budge. Then I went and spoke to the police about whether anything could be done. So one inspector came with me to the laundry and spoke to them… basically the guy who took my clothes was infact from another laundry which was closed.

Walking with a police inspector and taking him to the laundry was a totally new experience for me and it was quite a good one! The highlight was probably when I was walking back with him all glum that he told me I should think clearly and not give to someone outside the shop like this. I told him well I just gave it out of trust and he replied ‘everything in the world works with trust!’. I was touched. And then he tried helping me figure out how to get the clothes next day as I was leaving that day itself.

I currently have been trying to co-ordinate something over the phone but I suspect that culprit laundry guy has disappeared for good.

Update: I got the clothes!! Basically the police officer went and checked that the second laundry was open the next day. I told one of my hostel friends to collect the clothes and pay the laundry guy. He also spoke to me though my friends phone and said that his sister’s marriage was there so he had disappeared! Another friend of mine then collected the clothes and couriered them to me, Mumbai! 🙂

Thanks to the police fellow for helping me out, cause I had pretty much lost hope! I guess trust + hope = happy!