Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad – World’s Largest Film Studio

Visited this place Aug, 2011. Its pretty amazing, too big to see in one entire day so better to stay overnight and see it over couple of days. Accommodation is available inside the complex.

The complex includes huge sets, games, adventure sports, events and other entertainment areas! Everything is well managed, friendly staff and clean! Each set has related music/sounds playing in the background, the dustbins and food-stalls are all made of the same theme so as to merge into the place! I took a few videos do watch those…

Like I have mentioned entrance fees are about 600 INR per adult, it includes some guided tours. Events like stunt show, magic workshop, cultural programmes are all free and open for all. Food and games however need to be paid for separately.

The movie making workshop was very good, they actually chose few people from audience and made them take part in the movie making live! It was very hot so while the food was fairly good, it was all just too tiring and exhausting for me. The complex is huge many acres and from one workshop to the other, one set to the other it gets too much to do in just few hours of the day.

This stunt show was not that good. Almost all of it was Dhishoom Dhishoom fights only later they got in some bombs and the man falling from that terrace was pretty good! I was hoping for bike stunts and fire stunts – serious stuff! Some of the other events were good like a cultural programme. I really wanted to go for magic workshop but didn’t, since we went in a group and there were so many things to see we couldn’t really do anything in planned manner. You can see photographs of this place on Maproute Facebook Page.

All in all a great place to visit!