Working off my laptop in different cities of India

So this is an usual question that I need to answer almost everyday I am travelling as I do have to work! My internet connections services are tata photon plus and joiku on my mobile that allows me to use my airtel mobile internet off the laptop. Both the connections are fairly good but I do plan to get one more backup data card, mostly Reliance NetConnect. Only rarely do I come across free wi-fi services in cafes or hotels that I can use. Once the internet provider is figured and working I am ready to access internet but I still need a charging point to keep my laptop going. Some options are,

– At the place I am staying which is obvious cause they would have a socket point. But often the place may not have a ‘working ambience’ or sometimes in cases of hostels they might actually have maintenance hours and stuff when I need to empty it. So then there are other options.
– Cafes – Barista & Cafe Coffee Day both usually have socket points where I can charge my laptop. A socket point can’t be taken for granted just today I went to McDonalds and they didn’t have a socket at all… so came to Barista after lunch to work.
– I sometimes try out local places but they are not always good, like this one place in Mysore wanted to charge me 50 INR per hour to use their socket point. Also not all places are happy to let you just sit around with some minimum ordering, though I tend to order quite a bit.

This also costs, a typical bill at a Cafe coffee day or Barista after few hours for me is at least 200 INR. Doing this on a daily basis is not prudent. Moreover I don’t even like their foods too much. I would much rather prefer a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – they have some great Ice Tea. So while roaming around, using cafes is a part of my digital nomadic lifestyle. I am still looking some better options though haven’t come across anything. Let me know if you have some ideas!

  • Namrata

    carry a 1-2 extra laptop batteries maybe?
    charge them all at a go when you off to sleep and use them when on-the-go?

    • Wow, that is such a great idea. Never thought of it. 🙂
      I should totally invest in some! Is there any portable way of carrying wi-fi in non-network areas? If so I can then travel to remote places of Ladakh! :p