One month on the Road

I finally uploaded my trip photos, it is a tricky task because I have not yet figured out which photo platform to opt for longer use. Travel photographs is a topic for another blog post 🙂 Currently I want to write more about my 1 month road trip, I never got down to writing about where all I went and all that stuff! My itinerary is detailed out in the image above, pardon my very mediocre design skills 🙂

This trip was entirely impromptu, I just packed my bags and went to Pune and from there went to one place at a time. Everything pretty much worked out, transport was fine and accommodation also turned out just okay. 🙂 Almost every single place was very interesting and a filling experience including the two days at Hyderabad where I realised that the city was frankly not that interesting and quite congested… One of the foremost reasons was that the people I met were all very friendly and welcoming (and I got some good treats) hehe.

I travelled from the Mumbai West coast to the Pondicherry East coast. Seeing the sun rise for a change was a fascinating experience! I totally loved it. Another beauty was that I left from Mumbai just after the monsoons started here, then till Coimbatore the monsoons had set in and the weather was cool, pleasant and wet. My over night jaunt from Cbe to Pondicherry (referred to as Pondy) ushered me into a hot east coast summer! In fact it was really a bad time to visit the place. Understandably in the afternoons no one ventured out of doors cause it was H.O.T! Surprisingly after my 10 days there it started drizzling and climate got a lot cooler! Then off to Hyderabad for couple of days again it was summer but started pouring just when I was leaving the city! So overall fascinating stuff and climatic experiences. This trip totally rocked and have given me a lot of insight into digital nomadic travel.